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LME Designs - Happy New Year!

I know, who has time to write a blog.
If you invest the time in the beginning, the rewards will pay off. More customers, more money, less time working.
A blog will help you two different ways.
  1. Google loves it when you have current information on your website, Google is not happy when your website is static. Adding a new post twice a month will improve your ranking results on Google Search.
  2. It will help you “see outside of the box”. Taking time away from the every day business “stuff” and being creative will help you and your business. Get creative expressing your thoughts about your business in writing and watch the magic happen.
Last month I talked about the importance of social media. My advice is take care of that first. Once your comfortable with posting on social media consistently, consider creating a blog next.
What you can leave behind.
Worrying about having to add new blog posts all the time.
Sweet spot, the information you post on social media you can copy and paste to your blog. Time saver!
Any questions? Just call me and ask.

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