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Do you need to post on all the social media platforms available? No, just pick one. Two is best but at least pick one.

Why? Two main reasons.



When buyers are looking for products and services to buy, they do a little investigating. They will check out the companies website and look for social media links for a little bit more information. When a company has updated social media that provides useful information, it reflects that the company is an authority in their field of business.

Think, Authority = Reputation


People connect with things that are familiar to them. It gives them comfort, trust. Social media icons are Everywhere. All the big companies are on and posting on social media. You can gain the same recognition as the big guys for the small cost of just a bit of your time.

Think, Recognition = Trust

Advice – When you consider starting a social media plan, look and see what others in your industry are posting on social media.

Important – We are Busy as business owners, I know. But don’t get left behind. Social media is important. At the very least pick one and commit to at least one post a week.

It does not take much time and once you get the hang of it, it will be easy.

Any questions? Just call me and ask.

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