Website Design – The 3 Essential Elements


Easy Navigation

Customers looking for products or services on the web want to find the information they’re looking for Fast! 

Your web design must be easy to navigate so customers can find what their looking for quickly.

You only have about 8 seconds to capture a customer’s attention.

If you haven’t offered the information they’re looking for, they will go to your competitor.  And that’s a fact!

“Lisa was a pleasure to work with! She was efficient, friendly, and extremely nice and patient. I have recommended her to all my colleagues.”
Ruth Chang Rutgers


Visually Appealing

Design & Color – It’s what first catches your eye. The more attractive people find your website, the higher your chances are that they will stay a little longer. That means you have higher chances of converting them.

Pictures and Graphics – The better the pictures, the better your business will look.

Consistency – Consistent design allows the user to focus on the message.

Lisa,  Thank You is not enough!  My companies website that you set up could not be more me.  We are getting great feedback about how clear and easy it is to maneuver through and I could not agree more.  Now that’s saying something specially from me,” Mr What the Heck will happen if I push this button!.”   To get me to understand and operate a website must have been one of your biggest challenges, but you did it and did it well. Thank You x10!!!

Russ Adams



Buyers go online looking for information about products or service they want to purchase.

Show them you’re the expert.  On your website showcase your products or services.  Explaining to them how purchasing with you will benefit them and fulfill their needs.

“On behalf of the Executive Board of the Haddon Heights Historical Society, I am writing to thank you for all the hard work you have put into our website.  It is very kind of you to expend so much effort on our behalf.  Thank you very much.”

Anne McAdams Haddon Heights Historical Society

New Technology Is Here To Stay

Responsive Web Design

More and more people are using their smartphones and tablet to search the internet for products and services.

It’s an absolute Must that a company’s web design is responsive.

A web design that is responsive adjusts the website display based on the size of the viewer’s screen no matter what device they are is using.

This makes it easier to read and get the information they want.

Web Design

LME Designs is dedicated to helping businesses get more customers with their website.  In order to do so I strive to make my client’s websites engaging to their customers that bring results.

It is a three step process.  The first step is to create a website that is easy to navigate, second create a website that is visually appealing and last but not least inform your customers the benefit of purchasing your products or service.

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